Fun app for children!

KidloLand – a truly brilliant app for children from 0-6 maybe even older! This app has got everything you can think of to keep your child occupied whilst educating in a fun way too! From nursery rhymes to learning to count. From puzzles to months and days of the year! It’s a fantastically easy layout, very brightly coloured and interactive. All songs have lyrics on screen which has given us as parents so many more songs and lullabies to sing to our baby. Everything on screen is interactive if you click on it and has lots of moving characters to get the attention of even the youngest baby. My son is only 2 months old yet really enjoyed watching the screen as the brightly coloured characters bounced about in front of his eyes! All the songs and tunes are really catchy and sung beautifully. Counting 1-100 is made easy with a lovely tune to make it fun for children. This app offers so much and I like the fact that the settings part is protected, only with a simple sum but you can leave your young child watching a song knowing that they can’t access anything important. It’s become a go-to app for us and we are all really enjoying it. I will say if you have a tablet then get it on that instead of a phone so you can really enjoy the motion on a larger screen, but if you don’t, don’t be put off, it works equally as well on a phone, I have it on my iPhone 5 and the quality is still amazing. Just a personal thought. 

You can download this app on android or Apple products. 

The iOS link is:

The Android link is:



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